Death then Life

Romans 6 and other biblical texts speak of our union with Christ. That we are united with him in his death, in order to be united with him in his life. The ‘death’ part is repentance — agreement with God about sin and laying aside the sinful lifestyle. The ‘life’ part is freedom from the curse of the law (there is therefore now no condemnation) which forms the basis for a legitimate reception of eternal life, starting in this world and continuing beyond.

Lately, I’m intrigued with the idea that there are four kinds of mainline Christian churches:

  1. Those that teach death without life. Sin dominates the conversation.
  2. Those that teach life without death. The unconverted masquerade as Christians.
  3. Those that teach death and life together. God’s children are forever balancing and mixing the two, living in frustration.
  4. Those that teach death, then life. A proper understanding of what it means to be a Christian.

Jesus died. Once. Now he lives forever to God. What about us? Let’s walk in the glorious freedom of Life in Christ! Let’s stand firm in our freedom and not waver. Let’s not let anyone put us under a burden again! And let’s use our freedom to (wait for it…) serve one another in humility, giving honor and preference to one another!