A Broken Jar of Clay

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The frontman for the christian band, Jars of Clay, caused a stir recently by endorsing gay marriage on twitter. A few days ago, he offered an explanation for his remarks, with an apology of sorts, on his blog. You can read it by clicking here.

Doesn’t God’s definition of right and wrong — the law — lock us all under disobedience so that we will know His kindness and mercy, according to our apostle Paul in Romans 8 and  Romans 11?

And isn’t saying that something is not wrong, when God’s definition says it is, ultimately unchristian — according to our authority in Christ, John the apostle?

So we are all disobedient. We are all dependent on God’s mercy. But that’s not the same as saying right is wrong and wrong is right. That’s the world’s confusion — not ours!

We expect this of the world … those who are fighting day in and day out to maintain their own righteousness apart from Christ, including many in the church — so-called Christians. But when Christians endorse sinful behavior and call it ‘not evil’, we rob the oppressed of the chance to know God’s kindness and mercy.

It’s not that we are under law as Christians, but that the law of God still stands and has purpose — to bring us to death. Yes, much of Christianity is trying hard to follow the law of God in order to find favor with God, not realizing that the law increases sin. And it seems the other half of Christianity senses a problem with that approach and has decided to dump the law and say anything is okay.

How about this: Let’s continue to say that wrong is wrong and right is right; we all fall short, and “in Christ” there is no condemnation for those who don’t walk according to the flesh. It’s not our job to condemn, because the world is already under condemnation… but that doesn’t mean we have no voice in the matter of saying what is wrong or right. We will judge angels, so we are clearly overqualified to have a voice in this topic!

As Christians, we are united with Christ. Rather, we are in ‘union with Him’. He is in us, and we are in Him. Our righteousness is not our own, it is His. His sin was not his own, it was ours. But we would never come to desire this union if we were not made aware of our need for forgiveness for our “bad behavior”.  When we remove the plumb line and say that evil is good, we deafen the voice of the Spirit of God that is drawing men and women to a place of dependence on Christ for the Great Tradeoff.

We are all broken jars of clay. Let’s not try to fool ourselves and say we are unbroken!